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A different approach to help simplify credit card processing

If you are searching for a merchant account provider who understands multi-level marketing, then you have come to the right place. With over 20 years of experience working with hundreds if not thousands of MLM companies, we can honestly say we understand this space better than most. We provide the hands-on experience and industry knowledge to enable merchants to comfortably accept credit cards, echecks, and alternative payments for their MLM business. Join the growing number of both start-up and established MLM companies that rely on to provide the most-effective and simplified credit card processing solutions available to this industry type.

Our goal at is to provide you with exceptional service; unsurpassed in the credit card processing industry. Our commitment to you is to provide the very best Merchant Account rates and terms, reliability and Customer Care. You will receive personalized attention from our talented staff whose core competency is MLM payment processing. Our customized merchant account solutions are tailored to meet the needs of your business.

Whether you are a start-up MLM company, an established merchant that is looking for a more cost-efficient payment processing solution, or need help establishing additional merchant account relationships, should be your only choice.

Multi-level marketing businesses are considered “high risk” in the eyes of the credit card associations. Typically, companies who operate this type of business model find it difficult to establish as well as maintain solid relationships with merchant account providers. Should a merchant bank decide to accept your business, they may charge very high discount rates and ask for a large upfront reserve.

At, we can help your company set up multiple merchant accounts located both in the United States as well as offshore. We typically recommend that multi-level marketing companies have at least one or two US banking relationships and one offshore merchant account. We only work with merchant banks that have an understanding and a long-term commitment to work with this type of business model.

The banks we work with WANT to build long-term partnerships with MLM companies.


“Patricia (Co-founder of Merchant Account Managers) was fundamental in the growth of our businesses for my business partners and I. She took a chance on us and was able to secure merchant processing for our brands. We grew those brands to $100mm+ in annual revenue and it all began with Patricia. But truly the best part about her is the value she places on her relationships and sincerity of care she places with her client base. If you are evaluating working with her. Just do it ✔️ She is the best at what she does.”

– Beau Hale, Co-Founder & Board Member at Midigator®

You’ve Got An Expert

For almost two decades, Patricia Carlin has been assisting Multi-level Marketing companies establish and maintain long-standing merchant bank relationships. She understands the obstacles your industry faces and is a keen problem-solver when it comes to merchant account management. Patricia’s reputation is built on total transparency and accountability. Her experience IS EVERYTHING when it comes to managing the bloodline of your entire business-Payment Processing.

“Patricia is exceptionally knowledgeable about all matters relating to high risk payments. She has breadth as well as depth of experience gained from over 15 years in the sector. She is also exceptionally well connected with the leading payment industry CEO’s/owners so if a problem needs fixing, she can help or knows who to call. If you are looking for expert, impartial advice, and solid recommendations to enhance your payment efficiency delivered in a personable and approachable way, then look no further.”


– Matthew Pitt, Digital Entrepreneur

We’ve Got You Covered

We have a very strong understanding of your business model and of this industry and will place your business with a merchant account provider that will be your long-term banking partner and advocate. Should issues arise such as chargebacks caused by a few bad affiliates, you will not be terminated or given 30 days’ notice to find another processor. Rather, a risk manager will work with your team to help implement immediate steps that will help reduce chargebacks. This will help to ensure that your business remains in good standing with the card associations. Next, the bank and our team will help you implement enhanced practices/procedures to reduce future risk exposure. 


If you are a new MLM business,
we can help you implement these
practices prior to launch.

“Patricia used creativity, industry knowledge, and her network to find a good solution for our organization’s merchant processing needs. We had a unique situation and needed someone who was expert in merchant processing to assist us in finding the right solution and partner. We were very happy with the merchant processing solution which Patricia recommended and implemented for us!”

– David Berlin, Outsourced CFO / Corporate Finance Consultant

How It Works:

Step 1: Select Your Plan

When you partner with us, your team has unlimited access to a premium merchant account manager. No 1-800 numbers, no hoops to jump through.

Step 2: Connect With Your Expert

When you partner with us, your team has unlimited access to a premium merchant account manager. No 1-800 numbers, no hoops to jump through.

Step 3: Monthly Merchant Account Checkup

Paperwork, paperwork, and more paperwork. You focus on your business. We will liaison with your accountant team to make sure they get your merchant account statements on a monthly basis that includes a breakdown of your fees.

If you are having chargeback issues or your merchant fees are increasing, we will work hand in hand with you to address issues that are critical to your business.

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