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Be The Payments Superstar To Your Client and Continue Sharing in The Monthly Revenue.

We just help you look better and do less!

We Agents!

Your Merchant Service Brand. Our Team.

Let our in-house payments strategists and risk management team take care of your merchants, using your relationships and your brand.

As a merchant service agent, your goal is to board as many new merchants as possible so you can build your residual income. However, you have to still have to service your existing client base.

You Only Have So Many Hours In A Day. Get More Of Them.

We take the heavy lifting of servicing the merchant off your hands so you can build your portfolio.

Our team of payments experts have worked in every position within the banks who issue merchant accounts including underwriting, compliance, development, payments and risk analysis, and customer support. We know what questions need to be asked and answered to make accurate recommendations that will serve as long- term value-add to your merchants.

Our white label merchant services program can be the perfect partners for your agency.

We can be involved in as much of the process as you want us to be.

This Includes:

  • Create strong business summaries that banks rely upon to approve or decline a merchant.
  • Develop chargeback reduction plans if needed
  • Review your merchant’s website for compliance. Our in-house underwriters know a red flag when they see one!
  • Help collect the merchant packages on your behalf to expedite the approval process.
  • Bring us on joint sales calls, we are expert consultants and close deals.

White Label VIP Access

Even if you are a merchant account expert, we can make you look even better than you are.

Whether you are just starting in the merchant service industry or have extensive experience in the business, it will always benefit you to have access to more direct merchant account solutions. With all of years in the business, you get priority boarding with our relationships that board all verticals including dating, CBD, MLM, high risk, low risk with 100% splits, and more.

Wait, there’s more…

  • Get White-Label content to grow your brand including custom posts for Linkedin, Facebook, etc.
  • Get coaching on different verticals including how to sell high risk merchant accounts.
  • Get one-on-one training with our experts. Their industry experience will blow you away.
  • Get access to our network of fraud tools, custom service protocols that work, and so much more.

We have been in the payments industry since 2004. We know what questions need to be asked and answered to make accurate recommendations that will serve as long- term value-add to your merchants.

We will NEVER circumvent your relationships. We know firsthand what it takes to earn a merchant’s trust. Our industry is large but the pond is shallow. Bad news travels fast. Our reputation is stellar.

Once we become your white label merchant team, recommend our service to your clients, and earn 50% on the monthly subscription. We let your merchants focus on their business while we keep them compliant and organized on the banking side. Keeping them live is key.

Our level of involvement with your client is entirely up to you.

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