MLM Expert Review: Direct Selling Company Cabi Has a Secret Sauce for Success

Since 1998, I have been working with both start-up and established multi-level marketing companies to help secure and maintain global merchant account relationships. Over the years, there have been thousands of direct selling companies come and go for many reasons.  Some of the reasons MLM companies are as follows:

  • The business model simply doesn’t appeal to their sales reps
  • The merchant grows to quickly and get capped by their merchant account providers
  • They expand into international markets and do not have the global infrastructure to support the shipping of products.
  • They get hit with a fraud ring and they get terminated and fined.

The list goes on and on.

Then you have direct selling companies who just get it right. I was recently on the golf course in Pinehurst, NC playing in a couples competition. We were paired up with a really nice couple and starting discussing business. After I told her that I work with many of the leading MLM companies providing merchant account management, she told me she has been managing her own sales team for a direct selling company called Cabi. We spoke for 18 holes about this incredible company she has been working with for almost eight years. And if you operate a direct selling company, you know firsthand that eight years is a lifetime in this industry.

If you are starting a multi-level marketing company and are facing issues such as : stagnant growth, high returns and cancellations,  or other problems, I strongly suggest you take a close look at a company that does things the right way and that’s Cabi.

What is Cabi’s Secret Sauce?

  • First, Cabi has a business model that is based on direct sales, team sales, and recruiting. While this is the typical business of MLM companies, they actually have a product line that customer’s love.
  • They keep their inventory fresh so the recurring revenue will always be there which keeps the downline motivated.
  • They provide unmatched support for their sales team. This keeps their sales team motivated and in touch with the products being offered.
  • Quality products. The clothes last and they offer a new line each season.
  • They have non-profit that does incredible things for incredible women.

As a leading credit card processing expert for the direct selling industry, there is nothing worse than seeing an MLM fail for reasons that are easily avoided.  Whether you are a start-up MLM or have been operating an MLM for years, remember to educate yourself on the other aspects of the business such as your merchant account relationships, growth plans, merchant account caps, international capabilities, customer satisfaction, customer support and all the other aspects that will help you stay in business as long as Cabi has.


Patricia Carlin founded her card-not-present merchant account consulting firm 1999. She is one of the most sought after Payments Expert  in the industry with a specialized focus on multi-level marketing and recurring billing business models.