We Specialize in Multi-level Marketing Merchant Accounts and Direct Selling Payment Processing

Multi-level marketing businesses are considered “high risk” in the eyes of the credit card associations. Typically, companies who operate this type of business model find it difficult to establish as well as maintain solid relationships with merchant account providers. Should a merchant bank decide to accept your business, they may charge very high discount rates and ask for a large upfront reserve.

At MLMprocessing.com, we can help your company set up multiple merchant accounts located both in the United States as well as offshore. We typically recommend that multi-level marketing companies have at least one or two US banking relationships and one offshore merchant account. We only work with merchant banks that have an understanding and a long-term commitment to work with this type of business model.

The banks we work with WANT to build long-term partnerships with MLM companies.

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merchant_placementMerchant Account Placement

Our robust merchant account and gateway platform provides everything you need to operate your business today and can easily scale for future growth.

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mlm_reviewMLM Payment Processing Review

We look at the total picture which includes reviewing your current platform, evaluate your actual costs and your chargeback performance and company growth pattern.

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accountmgmtMerchant Account Manager

Our team has worked for some the leading domestic and offshore banks in the world. We know what your business needs and what platform and tools look pretty on the outside but lack value.

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payments_rfpPayments RFP Management

Processing technology has come a long way in the past 5-7 years. If you are considering reviewing alternatives to your current payment platform, let us help drive your RFP selection.

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globalexpansionMLM Global Expansion

Through a single integration to our platform, we can help you expand into different regions including Canada, South America and Europe.

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We have the industry knowledge to help merchants reduce fraud, manage current chargeback issues and implement best practices going forward.

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